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Savoring Georgia: A Personal Journey through Time and Taste
Price: 70.00 GEL
Author: Rusudan Gorgiladze
Language: English
ISBN: 9789941054082
Pages: 180
Weight: 0.946 kg
Status: In Stock

This book is the first to discuss the cuisine and festive traditions of Georgia in the context of world culinary culture. Georgia is an integral part of the Near East, and throughout it has experienced the influence of many cultures. 'What I'm trying to do in this book is to trace these influences back to their origins', says the author. 'This allows me to get to what is specifically  Georgian'. The centerpiece of this is the unique 'Georgian flavour'. This is not a cookbook (although it has some representative recipes), but is an exciting armchair journey through time and space  as we follow the trail of the basic foodstuffs and spices used in Georgia to create this 'flavour'. This book is lavishly illustrated with pictures of Georgia's stunning landscape, and photographs of unique items from museums and libraries. These range from prehistoric finds to medieval manuscripts.  Georgia has many unknown treasures, and one of its greates is its unique 'Georgian flavour'. Enjoy your journey of discovery!

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